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Faux Wicker Weave Pattern White Elephant Statuette Cachepot

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How beautiful is this wicker weave sculpted white elephant? Can be used as a statuette or a cachepot. intrinsic details of faux wicker all around the entire elephant making is such a unique piece to have in or outside of your home. An elephant's trunk that is facing up symbolizes luck, prosperity and kindness.

Made Of Resin to Resemble Wicker
Amazing Workmanship Of 3D Resin Wicker Weave Details All Around the Elephant.
Can Be Used as a:
Decorative Piece Alone or Any Flower or Greenery
Indoor And Outdoor Use
White Paint Glossy Finish

Dimensions: 15 1/4" X 9" X 6.5"

*This item is hand painted and may come slightly different than depicted in image.

*No returns, refunds or exchanges